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Wild Forest Gin


Wild Forest Gin Saint Felix Product

A fortuitous experiment with mastic gum led us to this surprising, enticing, fragrant gin. We use cold and pot distillation to harness pine notes of Greek mastic gum, paired with a bouquet of aromatic botanicals.

What is mastic?

The northern Greek island of Chios is the only place where the mastic tree grows. From ancient times, the mastic tree’s sap has bestowed good fortune and prosperity on the island’s people, celebrated for its uniqueness, rarity and diverse uses, in cooking and spirits. We chose to use mastic as it’s high in alpha-pinene – just like juniper – offering a musky and pine-like taste. Perfect for gin.

How to serve?

Over ice with a premium tonic and spruce it up with a fresh slice of lemon.



This sprightly gin’s mastic pine notes are complemented by aromatic juniper, angelica root, rosemary, bay leaf and Australian lemon myrtle.

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Midnight Vodka


Midnight Vodka Saint Felix Product

This melodic vodka is delicate & finely balance, with a soft velvety texture and a gentle wheat sweetness. Distinctly sippable and unapologetically made for mixing.

In the still of the night, luscious grapes gently soak in the moonlight. The absence of light is welcomed by ambitious fruits, as the sun fades and the moon takes control, time slows down and magic fills the air. Little appreciated, any hardly seen- this time of midnight fruit is enjoyed by growers, makers and distillers alike. Embracing the dark, they sip their spoils under pale moonlight, keeping good company with those who hang on the vine. St Felix Midnight Vodka is a celebration of darkness and the magic that ensues when we take the night.

Cocktail Suggestions:
Vodka Martini or a Vesper Martini – Served with Soda or Tonic over ice and a wedge of lemon


Grapes and wheat conjure up this rare Vodka. Well rested on Japanese white charcoal for 30 days, producing a magically smooth mouthfeel and finish that’s only achieved with rest under many moons.

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Yuzu and Green Tea Spirit


Yuzu Green Tea Spirit Saint Felix Product

The yuzu orchids and fruit-soaked baths of Japan’s alpine region set the scene for this spirit, traditionally known to bring vigour and zeal to weary hearts. The process involves cold and pot distillation to extract the truest notes of yuzu and sencha green tea.

What is Yuzu?

Yuzu is a yellow citrus fruit with a tart juice, commonly used by chefs to flavour both savoury and sweet dishes. It’s known for its role in the popular Japanese ponzu sauce and is also made into vinegar.

How to serve?

Simply in a highball glass, over ice with soda and a good squeeze of lime.



A balanced blend of yuzu and sencha green tea, accented with warming spice derived from cassia bark and ginger, softened with jasmine flower.

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Bitter Citrus Aperitivo


Bitter Citrus Aperitivo Saint Felix Product

Inspired by the southern Italian folklore of Strega Nona and her bittersweet tonics, our aperitivo livens the senses with every sip.

A fresh take on a classic aperitivo style – we combine maceration and rotary evaporation to naturally extract a medley of citrus flavours, which are balanced with complex and bitter roots and spice.

How to serve?

Best enjoyed on a glorious sunny day with a generous pour over ice with soda water and a slice of lemon.



An ensemble of bergamot, blood orange and Australian lemon myrtle balanced with comparatively bitter botanicals including rhubarb root and sarsaparilla, finished with a blush of native rosella flower.

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Kisumé Dry Gin


Yuzu Green Tea Spirit Saint Felix Product

A Japanese-inspired dry gin from Saint Felix and Kisumé. A uniquely twisted beautiful blend, immersing you in a fusion of flavors from across the seas.

An elegant and complex profile: delicate juniper harmonizes with floral notes of orris root, with hints of spices from cassia bark and coriander seeds. A refreshing burst of citrus unfolds, in a smooth and refined finish. Serve in a highball glass, over ice, enhance with a yuzu twist or purple shiso garnish.

The Kisumé and Saint Felix collaboration is a testament to our shared passion for creating something extraordinary. Blending the artistry of Japanese cuisine with Saint Felix’s botanical expertise, the vision was to craft a gin that would harmonize with Kisumé’s flavours. This gin celebrates the beauty of individuality, creativity, and the courage to break free from conformity.

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Bitter Chocolate Negroni


Bitter Citrus Aperitivo Saint Felix Product

Saint Felix Distillery celebrates global cocktail pioneers with this unique libation, paying tribute to their adventurous spirit and the rich tapestry of global flavors.

A symphony of flavors unfolds as our Wild Forest Gin and Bitter Citrus Aperitivo blend seamlessly with the indulgent touch of chocolate and the rich embrace of Cocchi Torino.

How to serve?

Simply serve over an ice block, accompanied by a single cube of bitter chocolate.

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Yuzu Green Tea Spirit Saint Felix Product

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