Midnight Vodka


This melodic vodka is delicate & finely balance, with a soft velvety texture and a gentle wheat sweetness. Distinctly sippable and unapologetically made for mixing.

In the still of the night, luscious grapes gently soak in the moonlight. The absence of light is welcomed by ambitious fruits, as the sun fades and the moon takes control, time slows down and magic fills the air. Little appreciated, any hardly seen- this time of midnight fruit is enjoyed by growers, makers and distillers alike. Embracing the dark, they sip their spoils under pale moonlight, keeping good company with those who hang on the vine. St Felix Midnight Vodka is a celebration of darkness and the magic that ensues when we take the night.

Cocktail Suggestions:
Vodka Martini or a Vesper Martini – Served with Soda or Tonic over ice and a wedge of lemon


Grapes and wheat conjure up this rare Vodka. Well rested on Japanese white charcoal for 30 days, producing a magically smooth mouthfeel and finish that’s only achieved with rest under many moons.

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Saint Felix is the result of five friends coming together, each with their own strengths in distilling and hospitality. We celebrate the cultural diversity that makes up Australia, producing spirits that reflect a curiosity for worldly flavours.

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